Pretoria Tours: Seeing the city through new eyes

Although Pretoria stands just 59km from the famous city of Johannesburg, the two couldn’t be any more different. The city of Pretoria has a rich history and the architecture dotting the city skyline gives away some of the secrets of the past. Originally founded in 1855, the first capital of South Africa is as popular as it has always been. Today the Pretoria map is full of interesting places to see and people are treating this little-known tourist destination as a must visit tourist attraction. There is plenty going on here and the only way that you can be sure that not a sight is missed is by indulging your senses in a Pretoria day tour to some of the best-known places.

Much of South Africa’s fierce history has affected the city in one way or another. Both of the Boer Wars affected the city and even today you can see the ruins of the forts which now serve as national monuments. After the wars, Pretoria became the country’s administrative capital and remains so to this day. All of the history that this city has seen has become the focal points of many Pretoria day tours. There are so many places of interest in Pretoria and once you have decided that you want to see everything that the city has to offer, you will find that the best way is with a tour.

Tour operators in Pretoria have designed their tours to take you to all of the must-see places. Taking trips to some truly memorable places gives each tourist the best opportunity to get a real feel for the city.

Pretoria sits in a wonderful location for those who are visiting South Africa. With the world-renowned OR Tambo International Airport sitting less than 60km away, visitors to the country often find themselves travelling through Pretoria on their way to other destinations. This makes the city ideal as the starting point for adventurous holidaymakers.

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Sightseeing in Pretoria: Tours for all kinds of weather

Pretoria is richly blessed with fabulous weather if you visit at the right time. Because of the nature of many of the tours taking place throughout the city, it is important to know the best times of the year to be travelling. In Pretoria’s case, pretty much any time of the year is a good time. Holidays in South Africa are often so memorable because of the welcoming, temperate climate enjoyed almost all year round in most parts of the country.

The weather in Pretoria is usually rather warm in summer while the winter nights can get cold. Some of the best times to go on a tour around the city would usually be in the summer months when the city is warm.

Get the most of Jacaranda City

Jacaranda City, Pretoria’s beloved nickname, sits comfortably in an area surrounded by bushveld and mineral deposits. At MoAfrika we incorporate as much of the personality of the city and its surrounds into our tours as possible, creating sightseeing options suitable for everyone. Many of the tour options we have available encompass a Pretoria City tour along with a visit to another region of the city, giving you a fuller experience.

The most popular Pretoria tour options include the Pretoria city and Diamond Tour, the Pretoria and Lion park tour, the Full Pretoria City Tour and the tour of the Elephant Sanctuary.

The Pretoria City and Diamond Tour are the ones for you if you have an interest in mines and geology. Starting out with a tour of Pretoria, seeing the Union Buildings, Paul Kruger House, and the Voortrekker Monument, the tour then heads for the Cullinan Diamond Mine. This mine has produced some of the most stunning gemstones the world has ever seen. This tour takes you through the history of the mine along with the mining methods and the various geological processes.

Then there are those day trips from Pretoria that take you to places such as the nearby the Lion Park. The Lion Park is not in Johannesburg or Pretoria, but it is often included in city tour packages because of its close proximity to both of the cities. This tour is designed to give people a look at some of Africa’s most respected wildlife, bringing tourists up close and personal with the animals. If you are unable to get to the Kruger National Park, then time in the Lion Park will be a worthy replacement.

The Pretoria City tour takes guest to all of the must-see places to visit in Pretoria. These places of interest are going to teach you all about the interesting history of the city and you are guaranteed to be stopping at every famous attraction on the Pretoria map!

Top Pretoria Accommodation Option

MoAfrika has numerous interesting touring options that you can enjoy. You can contact us today to find out more about this tour or you can have a look at our website. Come and see the urban jungle through new eyes, join us on a Pretoria tour.

Pretoria Tour

On this half day tour you will learn a lot about the fascinating
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4 hours

Pretoria and Diamond Mine Tour

[add_pdf url=""] The city of Pretoria (aka The Jakaranda City) is South Africa’s
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8 hours

Lion Park and Pretoria Tour

[add_pdf url=""] For a perfect cultural and wildlife experience in South Africa we
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9 hours

Elephant Sanctuary Tour

[add_pdf url=""] Guests are guided in small groups on foot through The Elephant
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