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An exciting journey into wild Africa is guaranteed with Pilanesberg safari tours

What is a visit to Africa without a safari adventure? South Africa is home to a number of game parks, many of which have gained a worldwide reputation for wildlife sightings and for the relaxed safari adventures that you can enjoy. Pilanesberg safari tours are among the most popular and sought after attractions in South Africa, and while you are enjoying your Johannesburg tours or Pretoria tours, then you are close enough to spend a few days experiencing Pilanesberg.

Located on the border of Sun City in the North West Province, Pilanesberg is one of South Africa’s most accessible national parks. MoAfrika Tours offer the most memorable safari experience with Pilanesberg safaris, enabling you to spend a few days in the wild.

Everyone who visits Africa, or lives in Africa, should go on safari at least once. And with a Pilanesberg safari or tour, you can see some of Africa’s well-known animals. MoAfrika will take you for a day-long safari into the Pilanesberg Game Reserve for the trip of a lifetime. With so many animals, birds and plant life to see, there is always something exciting waiting around the next corner.

Exhilarating game viewing with Pilanesberg day safaris

Pilanesberg tours offer guests a thrilling experience, giving them the opportunity to indulge in some of the best game viewing opportunities in the country. Pilanesberg safaris are ideal for the budding photographer looking to capture the raw wildlife that calls Pilanesberg home. Pilanesberg tours and Pilanesberg safaris give you the chance to see the Big 5 (Lion, Rhino, Leopard, Elephant and Buffalo) as well as numerous other animals such as zebra, impala, and wildebeest.

MoAfrika offers guests an affordable safari experience. With over 7000 animals and 300 species of bird, Pilanesberg tours with MoAfrika are almost guaranteed to leave you with a number of game sightings, and a beautiful day of memory making.

The area is also well-known for having the most interesting ancient history. When you are a part of a Pilanesberg safari, you will not only learn all about the animals living within the game reserve but you will also learn about the history of the park. The Pilanesberg National Park is found within a volcano crater and the surrounding landscape is unique because of this. The volcano erupted around 1300 million years ago, and your trip into the park will explore this history a little further.

Choose from our variety of Pilanesberg safaris and tours

MoAfrika offers some of the best Pilanesberg safari adventures, have a look through the tours that we have available to find the right one for you. Leaving from Johannesburg, a short drive will take you to the magnificent Pilanesberg National Park, in the company of a MoAfrika tour guide. The Pilanesberg is a special place to visit and when you are on safari, you can enjoy all that it has to offer while your guide tells you everything you could want to know about this beautiful place.

To help you to get the most out of your time on safari, MoAfrika offers a number of Pilanesberg safari tour options to suit your holiday needs.  

We offer many tour options, ranging in prices as well as experiences. Our tours are separated into the tours designed for the whole family and those tours which are given the luxury touch. When you are coming on a safari journey with our team of expert guides, you can choose the Pilanesberg day safari option or the night safari option. During the day, you will see all of the amazing wildlife that calls the reserve home, while a night drive will take you on a once in a lifetime adventure allowing you to see various nocturnal animals.

Family tours into the Pilanesberg

The Ultimate Pilanesberg Open Vehicle Day Tour, the Pilanesberg Closed Vehicle Day Tour, and the Pilanesberg Open Vehicle Day Tour are the three best options for those who are looking for a safari to share with their family. These Pilanesberg safaris are designed to be affordable while they are also action packed enough to keep everyone entertained for the day. If you are looking for a safari that will include a stay over in the game reserve, something that you might want to consider doing, then you can look at the other options that we currently have available.

The Camping Adventure Pilanesberg safari option is one that will have you sleeping under the stars, experiencing a completely different side of what the park has to offer. Compared to the daylight hours, time spent in the Pilanesberg during the night is like being in a different world. Your family is going to love this option.

MoAfrika also offers half day tours, which are ideal when you have little ones. A Pilanesberg half day tour includes lunch in the park. You will also have the company of a knowledgeable guide who knows how to give you a fantastic experience.

The Luxury Pilanesberg safari

If you want to treat yourself and a partner, the family or if you are looking for a solitary journey, and you want to have a truly luxurious experience, we have a selection of incredible safari options for you to choose from. The 3 Star Pilanesberg Safari and the 4 Star Pilanesberg Safari are our two luxury options and they include overnight stays.

These Pilanesberg Safaris include 1 day spent in the reserve, 1 day in nearby Sun City and 1-night stay over in the 4th largest game park in the world. Each option is affordable and they give you more than enough time to relax. Spending more time in the park means that any animals you don’t see on the first day can be sought on the 2nd day when you will be taken on a luxury early morning drive around the park. Our guides know the best roads to take to see the various wildlife that roams the region.

Trust MoAfrika to treat you to the experience of a lifetime with a Pilanesberg safari tour. Contact us today to book your tour into one of South Africa’s favourite nature reserves.